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Ancient Afghanistan was at the junction of ancient civilizations – Indian, Chinese, Iranian, and even Hellenistic. It was also a transit zone for countless nomads of the north and the “cultured” peoples of the south. Out of everything, a kind of culture and uniqueness of the ancient regions of Afghanistan has turned out.

General theoretical articles

Hellenistic states of Afghanistan III century BC - II century AD

A stone palette depicting a mythological scene. 2-1 centuries BC
Indo-Greek Kingdom

The Indo-Greek kingdom was a Hellenistic kingdom that included, at different times, various regions of the northwest of the Indian subcontinent. The time of existence is the last two centuries BC.

Map of Greco-Bactria I century BC
Greco-Bactrian Kingdom

The history of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom (Central Asia and Northern Afghanistan) from the middle of the 3rd century BC to the middle of the II century BC.