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Lady and maid. Painting from the tomb of Dzheserkar-Seneb in Thebes. Dynasty XVIII.
Culture of Ancient Egypt (review article)

Description of the ancient Egyptian culture that arose even before the formation of the centralized state of Egypt and before the closure of the Temple of Isis in 535 AD.

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What is our site about

What is our site about...

An increasing number of people realize that familiarizing themselves with the historical past is not only an introduction to the masterpieces of world civilization, unique monuments of ancient art and literature, not only the school of moral and artistic education, but also an integral part of modern life, to some extent an appreciation of the present and even "Discovery" of the future through the prism of historical experience.

The ancient history of mankind and its culture, thanks to important research, appeared before us in a slightly different, new light than before. Archaeological and linguistic researches, modern methods of scientific search have considerably removed the time of transition to agriculture and processing of metals, the emergence of writing, the formation of urban civilizations into the depths of millennia. But here's the paradox: the time distances are increasing, the chronological frames are noticeably expanding, and the ancient civilizations and the ancient world are getting closer to us. And closer because it is more necessary.


Reference information

Reference information

It is a short reference article, so that while reading the materials on the site, you could easily get help on a term without any distraction from outside sources or find out a short biography of a person of the past.



The site does not just contain a set of articles and descriptions. We also imagine what is called a visual aid - all kinds of illustrations, pictures, photographs, without which it is inconceivable to know the ancient art, and in principle, any subject of study. The images used on the site are provided with detailed background information so that it is not easy, as they say, to "look through the picture", and also to know where the image source comes from.

Ancient civilizations left many artifacts, and a visual study of history is much better stored in memory than a dry enumeration of historical facts and dates.



The articles on the site are designed to deepen the knowledge on some of the issues presented in general surveys on the history of ancient civilizations. Some articles do not just broaden your horizons, but they also provide information that is sometimes difficult to find on the Internet. Therefore, we tried not only to limit ourselves to Russian-language sources, but to the extent possible to attract foreign literature in covering certain issues of the history of civilization and humanity.