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The civilization of Ancient Egypt, perhaps the most famous and studied, but at the same time, probably the most mysterious – until now the history of Egypt contains many blank spots and inaccuracies. But it is all the more interesting to study it, to feel the breath of an ancient and mystical era.

General theoretical articles

Lady and maid. Painting from the tomb of Dzheserkar-Seneb in Thebes. Dynasty XVIII.
Culture of Ancient Egypt (review article)

Description of the ancient Egyptian culture that arose even before the formation of the centralized state of Egypt and before the closure of the Temple of Isis in 535 AD.

Drawing from a fresco in the tomb of Akhenaten, with a meal of the pharaoh and his family.
Food in Ancient Egypt

The diet of the ancient Egyptians was very varied, including meat, vegetables, fish.

Earlier kingdom. XXXI-XXVIII centuries BC.

Ancient kingdom. XXVIII-XXIII centuries BC.

Middle Kingdom. XXI-XVII centuries BC.

Hunting on the Nile. Painting of the tomb in Thebes. Middle of the second millennium BC.
Middle Kingdom. The Rise of Egypt

The Middle Kingdom of Ancient Egypt - 500-year period - the heyday of the nobility and the next strengthening of the state, which ended with the fall of Egypt under the blows of the Hyksos.

New kingdom. XVI-XII centuries BC.

Battle of Kadesh Stage 1 First stage
Battle of Kadesh

The Battle of Kadesh, the most notable battle of antiquity between the Hittites and the Egyptians, took place in 1274 BC. and was described in detail by both parties.

Syrian slaves make bricks for the storage workshop of the Temple of Amun at Karnak in Thebes. Tomb of the Vizier Rehimir, ca. 1450 BC.
A new kingdom. Egypt’s internal situation

The internal position of Egypt in the New Kingdom (XVI-XII centuries BC) was very interesting. Slavery is becoming widespread. The use of bronze was also a new milestone.

Horus, who kills Seth in the form of a hippopotamus. The image on the walls of the temple of Horus in Edfu.
The myth of «The Dispute of Horus and Seth»

The myth about how the gods of Horus and Set competed. The power turned out to be on the side of one or the other, but in the end Horus, by cunning and with the help of his mother Isis, defeated Set.

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