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All articles from the section “General theoretical articles” on the history and culture of the Ancient World and ancient civilizations.

General theoretical articles

Lady and maid. Painting from the tomb of Dzheserkar-Seneb in Thebes. Dynasty XVIII.
Culture of Ancient Egypt (review article)

Description of the ancient Egyptian culture that arose even before the formation of the centralized state of Egypt and before the closure of the Temple of Isis in 535 AD.

Drawing from a fresco in the tomb of Akhenaten, with a meal of the pharaoh and his family.
Food in Ancient Egypt

The diet of the ancient Egyptians was very varied, including meat, vegetables, fish.

Golden rhyton. Hamadan. 5th century BC
History of Ancient Iran

The history of Ancient Iran, from the time of Elam to the emergence of the Persian and then Parthian tribes on the territory of modern Iran.

The king who kills the lion. Nineveh
History of Ancient Mesopotamia

The history of ancient Mesopotamia from the first cities of Akkad and Sumer to the great empires of Assyria and Babylonia.

1-bronze statuette from Arezzo, VI century BC 2-reconstruction of the Gallic reaper by Pliny, I century 3-Roman mill (general view and section)
Nature and population of ancient Italy

The population of ancient Italy was variegated. Their political and economic development also stood at different stages - from primitive tribes to policies.

Figures of the gods from Eshnunna
Peoples of ancient Mesopotamia

History of the Mesopotamian peoples ("black-headed") - Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians from IV to I millennium BC. From their appearance in Mesopotamia and to their complete assimilation by the Arameans.

Dedicatory inscription on a stone tablet
The Culture of Ancient Mesopotamia

The culture of Ancient Mesopotamia and its influence on the cultures of subsequent eras and the extinction under the "blows" of Hellenism.

A female statuette. Baked clay. Tepe Sarob (Iranian Kurdistan). Around 6000 BC.
The origins of ancient civilization

History and culture of ancient civilizations - from the formation of the first early agricultural cultures in various regions of the Earth to the first ancient civilizations